Vacation Care

Important Things to Remember:

Fees: Your fees will be taken out as normal on a Monday, either a week or two weeks in arrears of your booked dates to be in line with the new child care subsidy.

Food: On days that we're at School (Including Incursion Days) your child will be required to bring Morning Tea Only. We will provide lunch and afternoon tea. On Excursion Days, you will need to provide Morning Tea and Lunch Only. We will provide afternoon tea.


PLEASE DO NOT BRING NUTS (this includes Nutella & Peanut Butter spread) as we have many children who have severe anaphylaxis to nuts and nut products.

Clothing: Please make sure all children have Hats and Jumpers for the day. No sandals or thongs are to be worn. Sand-shoes are preferred footwear. We do have sunscreen, but if your child requires special sunscreen, please provide it. Please label all clothing and any other items your child brings to Vacation Care. If your child brings a toy from home, it is their responsibility to look after it.

Electronics: During Vacation Care, we do have 'Electronic Time' throughout the day for a short period of time where the children can play on their iPads, game consoles etc. They are welcome to bring fully charged electronics from home. However, it must be labelled and it is their responsibility to take care of it. We do not charge personal electronics for them at the Centre, so please do not bring chargers.

Excursions and Permissions Slips: By signing and completing the 'Vacation Care Enrolment Form' and Permission Slips, you give the Ridge Street Kids' Club Director and Staff permission to take the children on excursions, or visits to the Local Park.

Water bottles: Please make sure your child has a water bottle! While we can provide the children with water at school with access to bubblers (no access to bubblers during COVID), it is still necessary for your child to have their own water bottle. We cannot guarantee that there will be access to water at all times during Excursions, hence why this is a requirement. We are able to refill your child's water bottle.

Medication: If your child needs medication during the day, please request a 'Medical Information and Provision Form' from the staff and inform them when you drop off your child if they are carrying/require medication. If your child is anaphylactic, please make sure your child is carrying their Epipen with them.