Before School, After School and Vacation Care/Pupil Free days 2018

Before School Care Hours - 7am to 8:30am

$20 per morning 

After School Care Hours - 3pm to 6pm

Permanent Booking

(You are still charged if you don't attend)

There is a 2 week cancellation period. 

$33 per afternoon

Casual Booking

(If you cancel 2 days before you will still be charged)

$35 per afternoon

Vacation Care / Pupil Free days - 

 8am to 6pm

Vacation Care/Pupil Free days: 

Early Bird Price

$60 per day

Vacation Care/Pupil Free days:               Normal Price 

$75 per day

Vacation Care / Pupil Free days - Excursion/Incursions:          

Early Bird Price

$75 per day 

Vacation Care /Pupil Free days -                  Excursion/Incursion

Normal Price

$80 per day