What do we do in our afternoons?

Each afternoon, designated staff members prepare the food for the children.

After roll call for the children at 3pm, the child are then seated outside to receive their afternoon tea.

Each afternoon, we offer red and green apples, rock melon, carrots and oranges. We then also offer an additional food, ranging from sandwiches, to lasagne, to even fried rice! We ensure that each child has a few pieces of fruit before their receive their other snack. 

After afternoon tea, the children are given options to what they would like to do. Our areas are as follows:

  • Hall - here we offer craft activities, free play with toys (Lego, Mobilo, train tracks, Pet shop etc.) and Lego challenges!
  • Bottom playground - We offer a structured game each day run by staff, as well as free play with sports equipment.
  • Top playground - We offer a range of more relaxed outdoor games such as skipping, handball and free play in the garden.
  • STEM Area - This is where the children have the opportunity to complete their written and E-homework from Monday-Wednesday. On Thursday's and Friday's they can complete their homework on designated tables in the Hall. 

At 4:45pm each afternoon we serve the children an additional light snack before they have dinner at home. Here we offer a couple of gluten free rice and corn crackers. 

At 5pm each day, we divide the children into two groups where they have a choice of two different games to play. We enjoy group games, where the children can mix with other year groups, learn to play in a team and cooperate. 

At 6pm we say goodbye and hope we see you again soon!